You believe you have experienced or witnessed mistreatment and/or disruptive behavior.
What do you do?
I am a:
Please choose your status above.
When submitting a complaint of student mistreatment, complainants should provide their name and contact information. Claims will be confidentially investigated, maintaining complainant anonymity to the extent possible, however, based on facts of a case, anonymity cannot be guaranteed. Anonymous complaints will be logged and investigated to the extent possible, however, without the ability to obtain additional information from the complainant/reporter, be advised that it is difficult to process such investigations.
You can always report experienced or witnessed mistreatment and/or disruptive behavior to:
Program Director
Program Director, Principal Investigator, Thesis Committee Member
Principal Investigator
Colleges Advisory Program Advisor, Medical Student Affairs Deans
Department Director
If you would prefer another resource, you may report to:
If the event involves possible discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct, you should report to:
If the event involves possible sexual assault or sexual violence,
you should report to:
JHU Sexual Assault Help Line at (410) 516-7333 or
Office of Institutional Equity
If you are uncertain whether the event is mistreatment or should be reported, or if you are uncertain where to report, you may contact:
Jessica Bienstock, Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Peter Espenshade, Associate Dean, Graduate Biomedical Education
Damani Piggott, Assistant Dean, Graduate Biomedical Education
Dana Boatman, Associate Dean, Postdoctoral Affairs
Nancy Hueppchen, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
Tom Koenig, Associate Dean, Medical Student Affairs
Roy Ziegelstein, Vice Dean Education
Emotional support and counseling are available through the following additional confidential resources: